In 2012 I photographed Warrington Market as part of my final degree project.

The project focuses on small family shops based in the market, which have had an impact upon both the community and history and have been a part of the landscape for decades. It is not intending to be an analysis of the market landscape, but more of a lyrical portrait of it is scenery and people in the way I experienced it through my lens. While spending my time in the market, I have found that it does not have the same character which it had in the past, but a number of characters from the past still remained in the building. In 2012 plans were being made to move and rebuild the existing market in 2013. In 2017 the original building was demolished after 43 years. Many of the business that i photographed are no longer trading thus adding social historic significance to the project. The outcome of this project is presented as both a book and subsequent exhibition of prints which intends to act as a memento that might be passed on to future generations.

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